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Building Design & Construction

Dave Bach Designs, Owner
Houghton, Michigan
Specializing in residential and light commercial sustainable design and consultation.

Dave Bach Construction, Owner
Houghton, Michigan
This 5-10 person design/build firm was principally involved in energy-efficient, environmentally conscious residential projects.

Building design was a primary reason for starting a design/build business and it remains the primary focus of my sustainable design business. To this end, I have cultivated creative, integrated architectural thinking and continue to appreciate and study architecture. Because of my ecological training and values, I pay especially close attention how a building project relates to the natural features and cultural history of the building site. Experience has taught me the importance of balancing the client’s desires and needs with their budget. Presentation of concept and the generation of design employ hand drawing, 3-D modeling, and CAD. In addition, my design skills include considerable expertise in contemporary cold climate building science, high-performance building methods, energy-efficient space conditioning systems, energy use modeling, and passive design strategies such as passive solar, daylighting, and natural ventilation. The selection of environmentally preferable materials is a work in progress. To date, more than 50 of my residential designs have been built, most by Dave Bach Construction.

Construction Management
As owner of Dave Bach Construction, my management responsibilities included general business and preconstruction administration, client relations, and on-site supervision. I enjoy cultivating and maintaining personal relationships with clients, employees, subcontractors, and vendors. Consistent financial success came from accurate cost estimating and scheduling, timely material delivery, well-defined client and subcontractor contracts and payment schedules, and comprehensive construction drawings and specifications. The ability to supervise subcontractors and employees was a continuous and satisfying learning process.

Trade Skills
I consider myself an accomplished and efficient carpenter and enjoy the hands-on skills and thinking needed to construct a building. Interest and necessity have produced competence in other building trades as well: masonry, concrete, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.