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Michigan Technological University, Instructor
Houghton, Michigan
Part-time faculty in the School of Technology, Construction Management degree program (website).

My teaching style is relaxed, enthusiastic, organized, and hands-on. Where appropriate, examples from my building experience are used to illustrate course content. Creative problem solving is a necessary construction management skill, so students are challenged with situational problems that require deductive application of coursework. Oral, written, and graphic presentation of group and individual building design projects are incorporated in all classes.

Courses Taught

Building methods & materials (4 credits)
An introduction to commercial and residential construction, the building science and engineering involved, and the contemporary materials and methods used. Included are field trips to local construction sites, and the design of a simple residential building.

Building utility systems (4 credits)
Introduces students to the design, equipment, and installation of residential and commercial plumbing, HVAC, electrical distribution, and lighting systems. This includes the fundamentals of hydraulics, thermodynamics, and electrical generation and circuitry. The course is summarized in the design and layout of the plumbing, electrical, lighting, and HVAC systems for a simple office/retail building.

Principles of Sustainable Construction (3 credits)
A study of the philosophy, design, and practice of sustainable building including green building goal setting, design strategies, appropriate technologies, selection of environmentally preferable materials, the integrated design process, and rating systems. The second half of this course is in design studio format with students grouped into integrated design teams and challenged to create a conceptual sustainable design project using the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

Green Building Design using LEED (3 credits)
Undergraduate/graduate multidisciplinary course co-taught in the civil and environmental engineering program. In this course the students, using charrettes and independent study, work as an integrated design team to evaluate a local commercial project using the sustainable design criteria presented in the LEED rating system. Through this process students learn the fundamentals of sustainable practice and LEED certification.