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Publications, Grants & Citations

Article: “Building for Forever,” by Marcia Goodrich (view PDF)
Michigan Tech Magazine, Fall 2009

This article features my work and philosophy as a sustainable builder and educator, including the efforts and insights of several of my students.

Article: “Search for Efficiency,” by Kurt Hauglie (view PDF)
Daily Mining Gazette, November 12, 2008

Article: “A Different Type of Greenhouse,” by Layla Aslani (view PDF)
Daily Mining Gazette, May 17 2007

Video: “Dollars and Sense: Building Energy-efficient Housing”
Habitat for Humanity, 2000

This is a 38-minute video produced for Habitat for Humanity which I directed and co-scripted. It provides practical instruction on constructing a low-cost, energy-efficient house with details on producing an air-tight envelope, insulation type, amount, and placement, installing air-air heat exchangers, and working with plumbing, mechanical, and electrical trades-people to minimize air barrier breaches. Funding for this video was through a Michigan, Department of Energy grant.

Article: “Sun and Snow in Michigan” by Burke Miller (view PDF)
Solar Today, March/April 1999

This article focuses on my collaboration with the late architect Garfield “Skip” Kindred in designing and constructing his high-performance, passive solar home in Hancock, Michigan. The article also included project details, construction methods, heating cost comparisons, and sustainability metrics.

Article: “Solar Homes Stay Cozy Year Round” by David Maki (view PDF)
Daily Mining Gazette, 1999

Michigan Five-Star Home Grant

The proposal for this grant was written by Skip and Merle Kindred based on the innovative construction techniques we collaboratively proposed for their high-performance passive solar house to be built in cold and snowy Hancock, MI. The grant was funded by the Michigan Department of Energy.