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Heitzig Residence
Heitzig Residence
Heitzig Residence
Heitzig Residence
Heitzig Residence
Heitzig Residence
Heitzig ResidenceEarly drafting skills (before CAD) communicating space planning, solar concepts, materials, and construction techniques.
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Project: Tim and Connie Heitzig Residence

Location: Beaver Road, Bay City, Michigan

Designer: Dave Bach

Builder: Tom Clark Construction

The Heitzigs were my first house design clients. Tim was a neighborhood friend from my childhood. They owned beautiful, deciduous-wooded dune/swale property and were anxious to build and move there although, as a young married couple, the budget was tight. It was decided to start small and simple, with an eye to easy expansion. Tim and Connie still live in this house. And there have been renovations: an upgrade of windows, removal of the thermal storage wall, and an addition.

This simple design, produced before CAD, allowed me to concentrate on drafting skills such as isometric and perspective views, and the graphic presentation of materials and construction techniques. It also allowed me to apply the passive solar and energy-efficient envelope techniques that I was trying to comprehend. The plans had to be quite detailed because I would not be the builder. I was in the process of moving back to Houghton, itching to start my own design and construction firm.

Two Design Details

  • Solar design reflects early 1980’s thinking: a thermal storage wall, mass floor and foam board shutters
  • The exterior wall design is still popular today: 2x6 framing with rigid insulation on the exterior, and a poly air/vapor barrier behind horizontal strapping on the interior, allowing electrical and plumbing installation without compromising air-tightness.