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New Pays Homage to Old

Project: Jim Mehilcic and Karen Moran Renovation

Location: North Superior Road, Houghton, Michigan

Designer: Dave Bach

Builder: Dave Bach Construction

This building started life as a pre-1900’s hand-built log house on a rubble foundation. Over the decades, two frame additions had been added and remodeling had hidden most evidence of the humble log beginning.

During this renovation Jim and Karen wanted to retain the historic homestead setting by minimally altering the building shape and using exterior finishes that would blend with an original log barn. They also wanted a high-performance envelope to reduce energy use.

High-performance walls were achieved by sandwiching the logs in insulation, adding rigid foam to the exterior of frame additions and applying air-tight drywall to control infiltration.

To maintain historical integrity, the rubble foundation was left exposed and the new clapboard siding was left unfinished allowing it to weather and eventually match the unpainted barn. A rain screen cladding system was used to prolong the siding life.