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Mallette Residence
Mallette Residence
Mallette Residence
Mallette Residence
Mallette Residence
Mallette ResidenceGarage provides sheltered access, privacy, and reduced traffic noise
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Project: Tim and Becky Mallette Residence

Location: Point Mills, Dollar Bay, Michigan

Designer: Dave Bach

Builder: Dave Bach Construction

The initial approach to this project was to remodel the existing house and to include an addition. With three children, the Mallettes needed more room but preferred to stay at their beautiful waterfront location on Portage Lake, the waterway that separates the Keweenaw Peninsula from the rest of the Upper Peninsula.

As the building program developed, the project expanded into a new, compact two-story house using some of the original foundation. This nestled the house against the down-slope of the roadside hill. An attached garage created a sheltered, level roadside access to the second story while providing privacy and reduction of traffic noise.

Raising the second story to road level directed placing the public areas and parents’ suite here with the downstairs given over to the children. Locating the living areas to the south provided views of the road and garden, main entrance, and the lake along with abundant daylighting and winter solar gain. A lakeside screened porch expanded this space in the summer.

With cost and maintenance as concerns, vinyl siding and aluminum fascia where chosen over wood. However, the weather protected soffits, which are a prominent exterior feature, are of unfinished local pine. We felt the wood added visual appeal from both outside and inside the house with little increase in maintenance and building costs.

Performance features include a highly insulated air-tight envelope, passive solar gain for 30% of the heat load, ventilation using an air-air heat exchanger, and hydronic space heating that is integral with the domestic hot water system.