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Wojick/Huntoon Residence
Wojick/Huntoon Residence
Wojick/Huntoon Residence
Wojick/Huntoon Residence
Wojick/Huntoon Residence
Wojick/Huntoon Residence
Wojick/Huntoon ResidenceSouth elevation under construction
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Project: Chris Wojick and Jackie Huntoon Residence

Location: North Superior Road, Houghton, Michigan

Designer: Dave Bach

Builder: Dave Bach Construction

By the time I was asked to work on this project, Jackie and Chris had developed a preliminary two-story floor plan to be sited on property they already owned. They secured my help to fully develop this plan into a finely-crafted contemporary home with multiple roof lines and building volumes featuring sheltered first and second floor outdoor spaces and generous use of wood for finishes both inside and out. The design would also include high energy-efficiency and the unobstructed exposure to winter sun for passive solar heating. They also wanted my firm to build it.

The result is 2500 ft2 of living space with a two story volume between two single story wings. The major axis of the building is east-west with windows clustered on the south. The two storied area has public spaces on the first floor and is open to an overhead balconied study/library next to a guest bedroom with a sheltered north facing balcony over the public entrance.

The east single story wing houses a private bedroom suite. The angled west wing connects to the garage and contains the sauna and utility room. The garage is at a slight angle to the west wing.

Wood finishes predominate inside and out. The siding is beveled cedar on lower portions with battened cedar plywood delineating the second story and gables. The generous roof overhangs have closed soffits of cedar paneling and custom fabricated prefinished aluminum fascia.

Inside, there is custom soft maple trim. Except for the kitchen, all cabinetry is custom designed and crafted, as are the stairs and railings.